Margaret Murphy Haase


Analytical chemist with experience in analytical methods development, novel delivery system development, instrumental analysis and laboratory instrument trouble-shooting and repair.


1979-1983 B.S. Chemistry, Villanova University


Author of over 800 MSDSs for petroleum and chemical products.

Prepared numerous TCEQ Permits-by-Rule and Qualified Facilities Substitutions for various chemical processes and equipment.

As a Research Scientist/Engineer, at University of Texas at Austin, developed new drug delivery systems using a wide variety of analytical instruments and methods to evaluate the performance of these systems. These slow release polymeric systems were also applied to environmental chemicals including fertilizers and pesticides. Presented results of studies at national and international conferences including the 1991 International Conference of the Controlled Release Society (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), 1990 International Conference of the Controlled Release Society (Reno, NV) and the 1988 and 1989 National Conference of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA).

Working as a Quality Assurance Officer with the SEA Corporation, designed and implemented the Quality Assurance Program. This included writing detailed control systems to ensure compliance with all F.D.A. regulations and to ensure the quality of the studies performed at SEA was at the highest standard possible.

Developed and maintained S.O.P.s while Unit Manager at Radian Corporation. Supervised analysts to ensure GLP (FDA Good Laboratory Practices) compliance, evaluated chromatographic quality for all studies performed by unit members, and prepared final reports presented to clients.

Supervised 6-10 analysts conducting GLP regulated bio-availability, bio-equivalency, and stability studies. Designed and implemented training programs for new employees as well as on-going training for experiences analysts.

Developed chromatographic methods for identification and quantification of environmental samples for the EPA's program. Performed on-site analysis for coal gasification plants to determine compliance with ambient air, process stream and waste water regulations necessary to obtain EPA certification for start-up.